Monday, December 28, 2009


I've been playing music ever since grade school. I started out on the piano but didn't like all that practicing. What kid does. Now I'm sorry I quit but I can still read music and have a pretty good understanding of music theory so I get by.

Throughout my school years I played clarinet in the band. I still have that same clarinet and I'm still as bad now as I was then.

These days I play the guitar. When I was 17 I decided to learn to play the guitar and got a hold a cheap harmony guitar. I actually began on the banjo but really wanted to learn guitar so within a month of getting the banjo, I bought the guitar.

I am self taught except for about two years of lessons from Harry Streeter. Harry is still teaching today (see his website) but 30 years ago he was married to my cousin and I took lessons directly. He taught me to read tabulature, write my own scores, and most importantly, finger pick. The learned Travis style fingerpicking (among other skills) and have to admit that it's my favorite style of finger picking.

To me a blog is like a diary of thoughts so that's likely how I'll use this one. It's me, thinking out loud, on all things guitar.

Here's a piece I made a few years ago after buying a JamMan looper. Hope you enjoy.


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